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9 Reasons You’ll Love Living in Savannah

1. The “To-Go” Cup – while it’s normally illegal to carry an open (alcohol) container, in Savannah’s Historic District (downtown) it’s legal to posses and consume your drinks on the street as long as it’s in an open plastic container … Continue reading

Hot Happenings in the Holy City

Finding things to do in a new city can be the hardest part of moving. So you’ve packed up, found a home (via FreshRent), unpacked and decorated – now it’s time to go out! But where? What even happens in … Continue reading

Making the most out of your apartment (size)

It’s no shock to anyone, inside or outside of Manhattan, that New Yorkers pay tons of money for teeny, not-so-homey homes. But, Michael Bloomberg (New York City Mayor) is on to something: cheaper, sustainably-sized apartments. In fact — under his … Continue reading

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