Prepping Your Place For Summer

Atlanta’s warming up so before summer officially hits make sure your fabulous DDA apartment is summer equipped, and we’re not just talking air conditioned.

First thing’s first: hide any and all winter clothes. You’re sick of looking at them. You even more sick of wearing them. Pack them up, shove them under your bed and be done with them ’til Thanksgiving rolls back around.

Invest in a new (cheap) pair of shades, Urban Outfitters always has some fantastic options. The brighter the better. Keep them, along with a tube of your preferred sunscreen, by the front door at all times. That way you can grab and go.

You’re livin it up in Atlanta now, better follow through in true Southern form: sweet tea and lemonade should be on constant refill in your fridge.

If you haven’t already, get a window box, and plant stuff in it. Tomatoes and basil both love the sun. Or, if you want to be really adventurous, try planting a watermelon. It probably wont work, but who knows, and how cool would it be if you had a watermelon growing from your third floor kitchen window?

Learn how to make the perfect Mojito. Or better yet, watermelon mojitos!

If you’re on the sunburning side of life, invest in an aloe plant. Learn to love it. Help it grow. Apply liberally to burning, blistered skin. You can thank me later.

Always-seriously, ALWAYS- keep some kind of fun popsicle that’ll dye your tongue weird colors in your freezer. It’s a guaranteed friend pleaser and childhood-memory restorer.

Simply remember: brighter is always better. Pillows, curtains, new sheets, table-clothes, cheap plastic cups (for the mojitos).

Finally, stock up on some trashy summer reading– (think John Saul, Danielle Steele, Jennifer Weiner) for the beach, for lounging in front of your air conditioner, or, because you used DDA, your awesome apartment building’s pool. Just don’t be that person who decides to make a splash by jumping from their balcony to said pool.

And now, just sit, sip, and wait for summer in 5…4…3…2…