Get to the Georgia Dome this Saturday for a Big-Time Battle of the Bands

Major music is on the march this Saturday at the Georgia Dome. The Honda Battle of the Bands¬†features electrifying musical and marching by the ten best bands from the nation’s Historically Black College and Universities.

It’s known as the “Super Bowl” of marching band showcases. You’re sure to hear incredible music and see jaw-dropping examples of marching-band coordination and energy. This isn’t about halftime — this is all primetime!

Get all the high-stepping specifics here.

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Monstrous Truck Action This Weekend in the Georgia Dome

If your idea of a good time is experiencing partial hearing loss thanks to supercharged engine roar, if you love to inhale carbon dioxide by the lung-full, if big-tired behemoths flying through the air provided unequalled entertainment (and let’s admit it — they do!) then then you need to get to the Georgia Dome this Saturday!

The Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam features everyone’s favorites, from the Gravedigger to Gunslinger, Madusa to Monster Magic, you can count on a truckin’ good time!

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