Makin a Friend or Two in Hotlanta, Roller Skates Optional

One of the two most complicated things about moving to a new city is finding a new crew. (The other is finding a new place but thanks to DDA you’ve already gotten that part out of the way!) But everyone wants friends, so stop being shy and get out there.

Except where exactly is there?

Thanks to modern technology this question is relatively easy to answer. Everyone—and their mother—is on Facebook and Twitter. And befriending people via social media sometimes saves you from that mildly awkward first conversation. Start by finding an interesting event happening in your new city and stalk the guest list until you see someone who looks “cool” (you have to define that for yourself). Then do a bit more investigation of their profile—do you have any similar interests? Do they look they like to put on a hockey mask and reenact horror movies (the answer should be NO if you choose to message them). But if they seem like someone you might possibly get along with, send them a message asking if you can get drinks at said event. Worst case scenario they say no or don’t write back, best case scenario you meet someone for drinks –giving your outing more purpose— and maybe you made a friend…with someone who most likely has other friends.

Not a fan of social network stalking? Don’t worry, that new job of yours comes fully stocked with co-workers. Hopefully a ton of fun, like-minded, 20-something coworkers, but if not tons there’s probably still one or two. If you’re feeling bold wait until Friday afternoon to ask them what they’ve got planned for the weekend. If they don’t invite you outwardly, ask if you could grab drinks or coffee sometime during the next few days. Remind them you’re new to town, if nothing else they’ll feel bad or relate to a year ago when they moved to the city.

Finally, if you’re still feeling doubtful, join something. GoKickball has leagues throughout the country and the one in Atlanta is especially popular. It even has it’s own “league bars” throughout the city for post game refreshments (hence you have to be 21 to play with these kids). Summer registration starts on April 26.

Or really branch out, bust out your roller skates and try out for Dirty South Derby with the Atlanta Rollergirls. They’re currently recruiting with workshops and tryouts starting early this summer. This way you can work out and instead of one new friend you get a whole team’s worth.

So now you’re ready to go make some friends, and because you checked out DDA, you already know where you’re crashing tonight.

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